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Note: Please do not share individual health information in responding to this survey. The HERC makes recommendations about coverage policy and does not have authority to review specific cases or intervene on behalf of individuals.

Oregon's Health Evidence Review Commission creates evidence-based reports to advise payers and provide information on the optimal provision of health services for Oregonians. The HERC prioritizes topics for these reports based on the following criteria: disease prevalence and impact on health, uncertainty with regard to efficacy or harms, important variation or controversy in clinical care, cost impact, high public interest, the availability of relevant information about subgroups and the likelihood a report on this topic will produce a meaningful change in health care delivery.

This nomination survey allows members of the public to recommend new topics for consideration, or reconsideration of previous recommendations based on new information. Based on the response to this form, HERC will score each topic according to the above criteria. They will be considered along with other topics identified in a search of selected high quality evidence sources.

The HERC plans to consider topics for report development at its August or October 2022 meetings.

If you have any questions about the nomination process or this form, contact us at

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