* 2. What was the date and approximate time that you received H.E.L.P. truck assistance?

Date / Time

* 3. What type of problem did you have that required assistance?

* 4. What were the general weather conditions when you received H.E.L.P. truck assistance?

* 5. Where was your vehicle located?

* 6. How long did you wait for the H.E.L.P. truck to arrive?

* 7. How did the H.E.L.P. truck driver know you needed assistance?

* 8. Please rank the following two statements

  No Opinion Do not agree Agree somewhat Agree Strongly agree
The H.E.L.P. truck driver was professional and courteous
Great service was provided

* 9. Was your issue resolved by the H.E.L.P. truck driver?

* 10. Before receiving this assistance, were you aware that the Tollway H.E.L.P. program was sponsored by State Farm?

* 11. Please provide any additional comments.