Thank you for taking part in our Breeding Curlew Survey

We are looking for your sightings of Curlew to help us determine the number of breeding pairs in Ireland and identify important breeding grounds.

We are looking to gather sightings of potentially (or confirmed) breeding Curlew in Ireland. Curlew nest in damp, rushy pastures and on open moorland. Unfortunately, Curlew have lost the majority of their traditional nesting sites as a result of habitat loss, changes in land use, and a host of other factors. We need your sightings in an effort to determine the number and distribution of breeding Curlew pairs in Ireland, as well as to identify their vital remaining nesting grounds.

This survey questionnaire will record details of your sightings of breeding Curlew in 2018. Please complete a separate questionnaire per sighting. You only need to tell us about sightings in the same location once.

Further details about the survey can be found here or to learn more about Curlew click here.

Please proceed to complete the questionnaire. Or if you have lots of sightings and would prefer to enter records using an excel spreadsheet, please contact us.

We thank you for your valuable contribution to this survey.

Our thanks to the National Parks and Wildlife Service, of the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht for funding this work.