Thank you for participating in this effort to collect information about the current state of heavy duty diesel emissions inspections and identify future research needs and collaboration opportunities.

This information will be compiled and shared with the group.
There are separate sections of the survey devoted to:
  • facility-based emissions inspections
  • fleet self inspections for emissions
  • routine roadside emissions inspections
  • special emissions inspection events
  • remote sensing
  • any upcoming program changes
  • existing research
  • future research needs
Each section will have a place to provide links to online information and upload any relevant documents.

After you finish a survey page, hit “Next” at the bottom to save responses and move to the next page.  If you need to close and return to complete, be sure to click “Next” to save your responses. Please note, this only works if you are using the same device and web browser since a cookie is stored on your device. Once you click “Done” at the end of the survey, you will not be able to edit responses. 

Again, thank you for participating.
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