* 1. Please select the category that best describes your current career stage:

* 2. Please rate the following sessions.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Did not attend
Plenary Sesssions
Platform Sessions
Poster Sessions

* 3. Please rate these new or updated sessions

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend Did Not Know About
PI Early Career Forum
How I Fly ScienceSlam
Stand alone Techniques & Technology session

* 4. Rate the meeting app:

* 6. Rate the meeting on the following factors:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Educational Value
Networking Value
Professional Development Value
Value for Dollar Spent

* 7. The current social media policy states that attendees can tweet about oral presentations
UNLESS the author specifically opts out. For posters, the author must give express permission for
photographs to be taken (whether for online sharing or personal use). Please give us your opinion on social media sharing of results presented at the meeting.

  Strongly agree Agree No opinion Disagree Strongly disagree
The current policy is sufficient.
The current policy is sufficient but there should be a special icon available for authors to add to slides/posters to show they do not want them tweeted about or photographed.
The current policy should be amended to prohibit tweeting of photos or videos of any research presentation (oral or poster) without the author's express permission.
The current policy should be amended to prohibit all photography in the poster sessions and oral sessions.

* 8. Please provide any additional feedback about the meeting.

THANK YOU! We appreciate your time in completing this survey. Your feedback will be used to enhance future conferences.  If you have additional comments, please contact Suzy Brown at sbrown@genetics-gsa.org