Our names are Lauren Ford and Katrina Pantig, and we are strategic consultants with Hotep Consultants. We are excited to partner with Moreno Valley College (MVC) to facilitate a campuswide audit of MVC. As a current, or former, student enrolled at Moreno Valley College, your perspective is valuable to this process. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to finish this survey.

Please keep in mind that your personal information will not be used or shared at any point of the process. This is an opportunity to respond honestly and openly about your experiences. In this survey, we will ask you about your perceptions of MVC’s environment, employees, processes, and overall experience at MVC.

The information you provide will be used to inform and improve support, policies, and practices at MVC and will not be used to investigate specific individuals. Disclosing an incident here does not constitute reporting the incident to your campus and will not result in any action, disciplinary or otherwise. Please do not identify anyone by name in your survey responses. If you identify anyone by name, their name will be removed before we receive the data.

While taking the survey:
- You may stop answering questions at any time or choose not to answer certain questions. 
- You may go back to a previous question, if needed.
- If you wish to stop taking the survey, simply leave the survey without clicking the “Done” button at the end. 
-Your responses will not be recorded until you click “Done”

Contact Information
The facilitators of the survey can be reached at the email addresses below:
Katrina Pantig, katrina@hotepconsultants.com
Lauren Ford, Ed.D., lauren@hotepconsultants.com
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