Welcome to Mount Tamalpais College's application survey for teaching and tutoring in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program for Fall 2022. Thank you for your interest in supporting our students! We could not provide a high-quality academic program for incarcerated students without the dedication and generosity of our volunteer instructors and tutors.

We will start reviewing applications on May 31, 2022. While we will still accept applications past the deadline, applications received by the deadline will be prioritized.

The first pages of this application provide information about basic prison rules that all volunteers must be able to comply with, our course offerings in the STEM Program this spring, the opportunities available for instructors and tutors, the minimum required qualifications for instructors and tutors, and required training for all volunteers. Please read these pages closely and fill out the application only if you are able to comply with all the requirements.  

The application will ask you to upload a recent CV or resume and, if you are new, to provide a short statement of why you are interested in volunteering with Mount Tamalpais College. You may want to have these things prepared before you begin the application. The entire application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.    

All applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to Mount Tamalpais College's mission to provide an intellectually rigorous, inclusive education and to foster equity, civic engagement, independence of thought, and freedom of expression. 

We will notify faculty of placements on a rolling basis throughout June 2022.  Spring classes begin on August 20, 2022  and study hall tutoring begins on September 6, 2022. Faculty for the Fall 2022 semester must be available through December 16, 2022. This is a weekly commitment; if you anticipate having to miss 3 or more weeks during the fall semester, we encourage you to apply in a future semester.