Growth should be managed in ways that not only preserves your quality of life but makes your neighborhood a better place to live. This checklist will allow you to rate your neighborhood with regard to traffic, schools, environmental conditions and other key quality of life factors affected by growth.  A “Yes” to a question indicates growth is being well managed. Clicking on blue text will take you to further information regarding a factor.  You'll also find advice for resolving issues prompting a "No". Contact CEDS at 410-654-3021 or if you have questions or you'd like help improving quality of life in your neighborhood.  Our advice by phone is always available free to those seeking to preserve and enhance neighborhood quality of life.

* While we will keep your response confidential, can we get your contact information so we send you a summary of the results of this survey?

* Neighborhood Stop Sign Delay & SafetyDuring rush-hour, can you usually get through stop-sign controlled intersections in your neighborhood in 30 seconds or less?

* Congestion at Traffic Lights:  During rush-hour can you usually get through nearby traffic-signal controlled intersections in just one green cycle?

* Speeding on Neighborhood Streets:  Do most drivers obey the posted speed limit on your neighborhood streets?

* Quality of Lakes & Tidal Waters:  If the waters nearest your home is a lake or tidal can you see the bottom at a depth of at least five feet in the summer?

* Neighborhood Stream Quality:  Are fish, including just small minnows, present in streams located in or near your neighborhood?

* Drinking Water:  Is the water from your faucet always clean (free of suspicious colors-odors)? 

* School Overcrowding: Are all students accommodated at neighborhood schools without the need for portable classrooms?

* Aging Schools:   Is it rare for your neighborhood schools to close due to a lack of adequate air-conditioning or heating?

* Walking-Biking Opportunities:  Does your neighborhood benefit from sidewalks, streets or trails that allow ample opportunities to safely walk, run or bike?

* Neighborhood Parks:  Is there a park - even just a tot lot - within a half-mile of your home?

* Park Supply & Demand:  When you visit parks in your area are playing fields, picnic tables, and other facilities usually available for use by you and your family?

* Trees:  Do tree canopies cover at least 50% of your neighborhood when viewed on an aerial photo?

* Noise & Other Nuisances: Is it rare that you are disturbed by noise, intrusive lights or other neighborhood nuisances?

* Fire & Emergency Medical Services: Could fire trucks and ambulances reach your home within five minutes of leaving the nearest station?

* Is there anything else you'd like to say about quality of life in your neighborhood?