We are glad this survey has reached you and hope you will find time in your busy schedule to complete the questions.

We are looking for survey responses from museums or galleries of any kind – multiple sites may want to submit by each major site.

The first Exhibitions - Going Green Survey was carried out in 2008.
We are keen to once again review our industry to assess how environmentally sustainable or ‘green’ our work practices and institutions are, and how our approaches to exhibitions have changed in the last ten years.

To see the results summary of the 2008 survey follow the link to the report pdf

2008 Survey Summary Report

In order to prepare and gather your information to complete this ten years on survey you can preview the survey first in its entirety by downloading the pdf at this link – and then start the survey when you are ready:

2018 Survey Questions Preview

All of you willing to take this survey are encouraged to review the 2008 report first as this will also give you a good overview.

Our aim is to gather more ideas, contacts and recommendations and encourage 'green practices' in our exhibition making, international networking and communication within the museum and gallery industry. We hope we are all turning more and more green.