Thank you for visiting our survey. The primary aim of the survey is to gather information on the national and international policies and requirements for data sharing (including FAIR data) by your country and research funders. 

Participation is anonymous participation but you can choose to provide information about yourself and your organisation if you choose. This will help us by providing better context for your responses.

About the FAIR Data Guiding Principles

Research projects create a lot of data. Although these data should remain available for use beyond the project, to be exploited for further research by others, in practice data are too often inaccessible to others.

The FAIR Data Guiding Principles were developed to help address this problem: Research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, in an automated way. To do this the data needs to be produced, documented and stored appropriately, by applying the FAIR Principles to all data management.

Whether you have encountered FAIR Data before, or if FAIR is new to you now, please continue by answering the remaining questions below. Following the last question we provide a link to further information for those interested in learning more about FAIR Data and its guidelines.