Hello, and thank you for helping InterSystems Learning Services validate the design of our InterSystems IRIS Developer Specialist certification exam by completing this Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey. 

The target candidate of the proposed exam is a back-end software developer who:
  • writes and executes efficient, scalable, maintainable, and secure code on (or adjacent to) InterSystems IRIS using best practices for the development lifecycle, 
  • effectively communicates development needs to systems and operations teams (e.g., database architecture strategy),
  • integrates InterSystems IRIS with modern development practices and patterns, and 
  • is familiar with the different data models and modes of access for InterSystems IRIS (ObjectScript, Python, SQL, JDBC/ODBC, REST, language gateways, etc.).
At least 2 years of experience developing with InterSystems IRIS is recommended. Any code samples that include InterSystems IRIS classes will have methods displayed in both ObjectScript and Python (or SQL). 

This survey presents 67 tasks to you. The list of tasks was compiled by a group of subject matter experts and represents proposed exam topics. The tasks are grouped into four high-level domains:

T1 - Best practices: Architecture (18 tasks)
T2 - Best practices: Development lifecycle (15 tasks)
T3 - Best practices: Data retrieval (16 tasks)
T4 - Best practices: Code (18 tasks)

We ask you to rate each task using the following four criteria:
  • Applicability - Do you do this task or do you supervise it?
  • Difficulty - How difficult is this task in general?
  • Importance - How important is this task to overall success in the role?
  • Frequency - How often do you perform this task? And/Or How often do you need to know this information to do your job?
Note: The listed tasks are not in a vacuum. Each task should be evaluated based on the topics (TX - Topic X), and subtopics (TX.Y - Topic X, subtopic Y) they belong to (found at the top of each page) Also, please add any additional comments in the comment boxes provided after each task group. 
If you are unable to complete the entire survey in one session, you can save your results by clicking the Save/Next button at the bottom of the page.

Thank you!