Please help us to help vets to help pet owners.

You do not need to be a pet owner to complete this survey and all answers given will be used anonymously. 

At the Animal Cancer Trust we are in contact on a daily basis with owners whose pets have been diagnosed with cancer, the one comment we hear regularly is "I didn't understand what my vet was saying".

When shocking or upsetting news is received it can become very difficult to take in all of the information being given. The goal of the Animal Cancer Trust is to be the first port of call for pet owners to find information and support as soon as the word cancer is mentioned.

The aim of this survey is to demonstrate the public's level of knowledge about cancer in pets and their understanding of the terms commonly used.

With the results of this survey we plan to produce a short education programme for first opinion vets to raise their awareness on what pet owners may or may not understand about cancer.

This survey is being undertaken by Rachel King ( in partnership with the Animal Cancer Trust ( The survey and results will be included as part of an assignment for unit ANW2036 of FDSc Applied Animal Studies, delivered by Moulton College, accredited by University of Northampton and supervised by Melanie Reynolds (