Welcome to our survey. What would your ideal intrauterine contraceptive device offer?

Alyra Biotech is an Australian company developing new intrauterine contraceptive devices, otherwise known as IUCDs or IUDs, to suit women with different health needs. To do so, we'd like to ask you about your views and experiences when deciding whether or not to have an intrauterine device inserted in your uterus.

If you have chosen not to use an IUD, then we’d like to know what your major concerns were. Why you chose not to.

If you’ve already used an IUD, we’d like to ask you about your experience of period or pelvic pain before and after having the IUD inserted.

If you would like to help us understand what an ideal IUD for you would be, please select 'yes' below, and you will be guided to the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form. Once you have read these documents and consented, you will be directed to join the survey.

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