Spring 2019 Member Survey

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* 1. What environmental issues concern you the most

  Not sure Not concerned Slightly concerned Moderately concerned Very concerned
Climate change
Loss of green space and habitat for nature
Loss of species and biodiversity
Air pollution
Water pollution
Household waste/garbage

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* 2. What community greening topics would you like to learn more about

  Yes No Maybe I don't know
Home energy conservation
Sustainable Lawns and landscaping
Native plant gardening
Wildlife-friendly gardening
Household water conservation
Stormwater management

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* 3. What greening projects (demonstrations, workshop, tours) would you like to see in our neighbourhood?

  Not interested Slightly interested Moderately interested Very interested Willing to lead or help
Home energy conservation
Environmental action groups
Trees & urban forest conservation
Wildlife conservation

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* 4. If you are willing to help or lead any of these projects, please provide us with your contact information

0 of 4 answered