CCIQ needs your help!

This year, CCIQ will be conducting the largest study of regulatory compliance in Queensland. 12-months since the initial COVID-19 lockdown, we have a particular focus on overburdensome regulation, otherwise referred to as Red TapeThis is because, while budgets will be tight, regulatory reform represents a cost-effective means of stimulus that will unlock business potential in Queensland.

The team at CCIQ have been on a journey to ease the regulatory burden imposed on businesses like your own since 2009. We view this as a necessary step in ensuring that Queensland is a place where people feel encouraged to start and grow a business.

Our latest survey in 2017 found that:
1) 7 in 10 businesses believed that government regulation had a moderate to major impact on their business
2) 7 in 10 businesses lost productivity by having to divert the efforts of key personnel  to ensure regulatory compliance
3) Regulatory compliance cost Australian businesses $67 billion. Fast forward to 2021, and this figure is likely to have surpassed $100 billion

CCIQ are keen to hear from businesses of all sizes and from all industry sectors. We envisage that each meeting will take at least one hour. Your valuable time will allow us to lobby for a better operating environment for your business. 

Please complete the EOI survey and we will put you in touch with one of CCIQ's regional managers.

All data is used for research purposes only and will be kept in the strictest confidence. We do not give away or sell your personal details.
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