Community Survey
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Proserpine Prawn Farm Stage 4 Expansion.
This survey will help to inform the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) that is being undertaken. The survey has 21 questions and will take between 10 minutes to complete.
The survey has a particular focus on social impacts and benefit sharing opportunities. Your response will help us gain a clear picture of key community values, perceptions about the proposal, likely social impacts and opportunities, and thoughts about community benefits.
Please note that information provided through this survey will be stored securely and will be used only to inform the proposal’s Scoping Report and the associated engagement activities. Where you provide your contact details, these will only be used to engage with you regarding this proposal. Your responses will not be linked to your name and your name will not be recorded anywhere within the ESIA report.
If you have any queries on this survey or on the proposal in general, contact the Project Engagement Team at