Please answer all questions so we know about your Guthrie experience. Thanks

* Current Grade Level

* I Attend Guthrie This Period.

* I intend to continue in my Guthrie pathway next year.

* Class lessons are presented in interesting ways to me.

* Before my class at Guthrie, I knew the career I wanted to pursue.

* As a result of this class, I know what career I want to pursue.

* Lessons are interactive and interesting to me.

* My teacher is approachable asking questions if I do not understand something.

* When I am unsure of something, my teacher guides me to find solutions instead of giving me the answer.

* My teacher is prepared for my class every day.

* I have or will earn a certification(s) through my Guthrie program.

* My teacher uses ItsLearning, Bulb and other virtual tools to provide course content.

* Not counting NTHS, I actively participated in a student organization or competition sponsored by my program.

* I learned intangibles and other tips to be successful in the workplace in addition to being technically proficient.

* I would like to participate in an internship or practicum related to my pathway.

* The reasons checked below influenced me to take my Guthrie class.