Grievance, Appeal and Expedited Appeal Process

We make every effort to satisfy the treatment needs of our clients.  However, there may be times when clients will be unhappy with services received.  Clients are encouraged to discuss issues regarding their mental health service directly with their provider.  If efforts to resolve the problem directly are unsuccessful, clients who are dissatisfied with their mental health services may file a grievance.  You may request a friend, relative, and/or Patient Rights Advocate assist you with your grievance and hearing rights.

A client who has Medi-Cal may file for a State Fair Hearing only after they have filed for an Appeal and they have received a final decision about the Appeal from Butte County Department of Behavioral Health.

If you believe waiting sixty (60) days for an appeal decision may jeopardize your life, health, or ability to attain, maintain, or regain maximum function, you may request an Expedited Appeal.

Clients will not be subject to any penalty, discrimination, or retaliation for filing a Grievance or an Appeal.  Every effort will be made to resolve the issue at an informal level.