What's your experience of Greyfriars Kirkyard and vision for its future?

We think it will take you about 10 minutes to fill it in this public survey, which will close on 15 April 2024.

·       Part One asks about your use of Greyfriars Kirkyard
·       Part Two asks for your views on the graveyard’s management
·       Part Three asks about what you may value about the graveyard
·       Part Four asks about your vision and future priorities for Greyfriars Kirkyard
Why we are carrying out this survey
Greyfriars Kirkyard is located with the Edinburgh World Heritage Site. It is world famous and loved by Edinburgh residents and visitors alike. However, it is becoming increasingly complex to balance its roles as a place of burial, as a historic site, local greenspace, educational resource, popular tourist attraction and place of faith and spiritual contemplation. Recognising the need for a new strategy, Edinburgh World Heritage and the City of Edinburgh Council commissioned Kirkyard Consulting to develop a new graveyard Conservation Management Plan. This plan will identify the variety of interests, associations and values different people place on Greyfriars Kirkyard, the risks and issues facing the graveyard today and outline a plan to best care for this site. 
How we will treat your information
All questionnaire data is confidential and responses are anonymous. Data will be anonymised and analysed by Kirkyard Consulting on behalf of Edinburgh World Heritage and the City of Edinburgh Council. Data will only be used for the purpose of developing a Conservation Management Plan and all survey responses will be permanently deleted by 1 July 2024.
For more information contact greyfriars@kirkyard-consulting.co.uk