Graduate students that are interested in completing clinical rotations at the Children's Health Medical Center Dallas and Plano campuses ONLY, please follow this process.  
An Affiliations Agreement must exist between the university and Children's Health for a student to be approved for clinical rotations.  If not, a clinical rotation request cannot be honored. 

If there is not an affiliation agreement between Children's and the university, a decision will be made whether or not to establish a contract. Once approval is granted, the student must provide the name, email and phone number of the contract manager.

Students without a preceptor should begin by sending an email to:  The student will receive an application and should return it to the mailbox.  The application will be forwarded to the students areas of interest and the individual teams will review the application to determine if they can accommodate the clinical hours needed.  The team will notify the student and or the graduate student program of their decision.  Once the student receives approval, the link for the online application and a student handbook will be forwarded.

Obtaining student clinical hours requires students completing the online application in its entirety and providing all the requested information (including the entire social security number which allows for computer access into the network), by not doing so, your request will be delayed.
1) If you plan to do multiple rotations, list all preceptors and the totality of hours (it is not necessary to fill out an online application for each rotation within the same calendar year)
After the form is completed, the following will occur in this order: 
1) The student's information will be entered into the Ultimus system, for the clearance process to begin.
2) The student should expect an email with paperwork attached for completion. 
3) The paperwork included should be returned to the Student Services Department electronically.
All paper work must be submitted to ELECTRONICALLY at least 3-4 weeks PRIOR to start date.