1. Giveaway Rules

Hello Canadian Hockey Moms!

Thanks for entering Goodyear Ultra Grip Tires Giveaway! You could win a set of Goodyear Ultra Grip Tires!

You will be asked to answer a question related to the Goodyear Winter Driving Tips "Winter Car Care Dos and Dont's" available on www.CanadianHockeyMoms.ca. One person with the correct answer will be randomly selected.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email contactus@canadianhockeymoms.ca

Good luck!

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* 1. Please provide an email address where Canadian Hockey Moms and/or Goodyear or a Goodyear representative can contact you if your name is selected for the giveaway (don't worry, we don't like SPAM either, so Canadian Hockey Moms won't share this information with other parties. Your information is safe with us...)

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* 2. What is your name?

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* 3. In what province/state are you located?

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* 4. Looking back at the post “Winter Car Care Dos and Dont's," is the following statement true or false?
"The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tire meets a snow traction standard recognized by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and Rubber Association of Canada (RAC)"

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* 5. Would you like to receive information about other contests being offered through the Canadian Hockey Moms website?