1. Instructions and Overview.

33% of survey complete.
Thank you for taking part in this research. This survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Your answers will help build a global picture of the workforce involved in medicines supply. This will allow effective planning and strengthen health systems by improving standards and training of workers.

As you move through this survey you will be asked to indicate the competences expected of the Pharmacy Support Workforce cadres in your country. Think about all staff involved in the procurement, distribution, supply and dispensing of medications.

A "cadre" is a group of people trained for a particular purpose.

"Competences" are the specific skills, behaviours or items of knowledge that are required to perform a role.

The competences for the Pharmacy Support Workforce are organised into four groups;

1) Organisation and Management
2) Professional/Personal Practice
3) Pharmaceutical Public Health
4) Patient Care

In this survey each group has sets of competences that Pharmacy Support Workforce cadres could be expected to demonstrate.

Please choose which competences are expected of each cadre in your country.

The survey design has been approved by the Human Ethics Committee of the University of Canberra.