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Introduction and thank you!

What is this member engagement about?
The Gitanmaax Band is reaching out to inform you of Council’s intention to enter into a new 10 year funding agreement with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) (formerly INAC). This would mean not continuing with our current block funding arrangement with the Gitksan Government Commission (GGC).
As promised at this year’s AGM, Council has commissioned an engagement process to ensure all members are informed of this funding agreement direction and have the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and/or share their support.
The preamble of this survey gives you some information about the proposed new 10 year funding agreement and gives you an opportunity to share your ideas as we move forward as a community.
·       Page 1-2 of this survey gives you the essential background information about this proposed agreement.
·       Page 3 is the short survey asking you to share your thoughts about this direction.
Thank you in advance for reading this information and helping make positive decisions for the future of Gitanmaax.
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