Introduction & Eligibility

This readiness survey is designed as a self-assessment tool to use while considering whether your organization is going to apply for affordable housing accreditation. 
We estimate the survey to take approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on your familiarity with the concept of accreditation and your own organization's operations.

Important note:  The survey is meant to help you prepare to APPLY for accreditation.  There is no guarantee that your organization is ready, or will achieve accreditation by performing this assessment, receiving a readiness score, or by following any suggestions provided by AHAB.  The readiness score achieved by taking this survey is not used by AHAB for any evaluative purposes for the accreditation application or any decisions about conformance with AHAB's accreditation standards.
We invite you to consult with AHAB staff directly upon completing this survey, as you decide if you are ready for accreditation.
The first step is to determine if your organization is eligible for affordable housing accreditation by answering these questions:

Question Title

* 1. Please provide us with your organization contact information.

Question Title

* 2. Does your organization receive funding from Federal, State or Local sources to provide affordable housing to low-income residents?

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* 3. Has your organization been in business for 10 years?