Dear Granite students, parents, and employees,

The Granite School District Calendaring Committee, which is composed of Granite parents and employees, requests your input on general calendar structure. Your opinion is important and will guide the Calendar Committee in preparing calendar options each year to be presented to the Board of Education. The Board of Education listens to your comments and makes decisions based on your input. 
With that being said, please understand that the Calendar Committee is working within certain parameters that CANNOT be changed:

*   The State mandates 179 days of school (which can include the two compensatory days for SEP and Parent Teacher Conferences.)
*  Our Granite Board of Education requires our district's schools to have a total of 1000 instructional hours each year.

*   We cannot change the dates of holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, and various religious holidays.

*   The calendar must have three end of term days which are student non-attendance days.  These are teacher contract days, wherein teachers prepare grades and engage in professional development.

*   In Elementary schools, every Friday (or the last day of the school week) has been negotiated as a Planning Day for teachers and an early dismissal day for students.

*   Teachers have five contract days before the first day of school.

*   The Fridays following SEP/Parent Teacher Conferences will continue to be Compensatory Days.

Keep in mind the following considerations:

* We strive to have primary instructional time prior to testing for all levels.  Past experience has shown that students are less motivated after the completion of end of year tests.

* We strive to have no less than three days of school per week (with the exception from the Board for the week of Thanksgiving).

* Every effort is made to connect days off to other holidays to maximize days off for breaks.

* We attempt to keep the number of days in each quarter equal.

The following questions are designed to help the calendaring committee understand the preferences as we develop the calendar options.  Keeping in mind that it is not possible to start school after Labor Day, end by Memorial Day, and have adequate breaks, please mark your highest preference.

I have read the parameters outlined above

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Please indicate if you are a student, parent, employee, or both a parent and employee of Granite School District

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