Throughout 2021, the LiveWell Geary County Food Policy Council and community partners will be creating a Food System Plan.  If you eat or buy food in Geary County, you should have a say in this process!

A Food System Plan is a 10-year plan that helps guide the growth of the local food system.  A strong local food system can:
  • Foster profitable agriculture and food business,
  • Support entrepreneurs in agriculture and food,
  • Create new jobs and opportunities,
  • Increase access to healthy, nutritious foods for all,
  • Support skills in gardening and food preparation,
  • Protect soil, water, and air quality,
  • Reduce food waste,
  • Celebrate diversity of food and agriculture in our community, and
  • Empower all to participate in the food system.
To build a strong local food system, the community needs a roadmap to guide the process. We need to know where and how to invest time, resources, and partnerships to best support a vibrant local food economy.

That’s where YOU come in!

Please take this 10 minute survey to share your experiences and priorities.

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