With the construction of our new aquatic center, Garden City has an opportunity to also create a new name and image for this new community amenity and regional attraction. This is where you come in. We want your input and we want you, the residents, to help us name the new facility.

What makes for a good name? Among other things, the selection committee will consider things like historic relevance and is it something that is uniquely Garden City. Does the name lend itself to fun, playful and timeless thematic design of the aquatic features? Your input will help us come up with a great new name and will inspire a creative design that is unique to Garden City for years to come.

Please complete the following questionnaire and help us create a great new place in our community.

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* 1. Please describe 1 or 2 of your fondest memories of The Big Pool. (150 words max)

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* 2. When you tell friends and family why you live in Garden City and what you’re most proud of, what do you tell them? (150 words max)

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* 3. What do we call it? 

Please tell us what you think would be a great name for the new aquatic facility. You may submit up to 3 names below. For each of your top three names, explain in 150 to 300 words why you believe they would be the best option. (No names will be considered without an accompanying written description.)

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