Tell us about your wine industry job

This is WINE WOMEN's first survey on women in the wine industry (Northern California). The more women working in the wine industry who respond to the survey, the more accurate our data sets will be to learn from and share in a report. Responses will be completely confidential and anonymous. Please share this survey with other women in the wine industry! SURVEY WILL CLOSE MAY 31st!

* 1. Your job title or role:

* 2. General job category (choose one):

* 3. Your annual salary or income (whole numbers only):

* 4. My job is:

* 5. If part-time job, please enter average hours per week (whole numbers only):

* 6. My employer category is:

* 7. If you work for a winery, please specify annual case production or annual revenues:

* 8. County of employment:

Thank you for your responses! You may wish to view/download AAUW's California Gender Pay 2017 - Federal Action Map (pdf) on our website, or visit our Gender Pay Gap page for additional resources. Watch our social media channels and website for our report on the results from this survey.