The San Juan County Healthcare Districts on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez Islands, together with the Inter Island Healthcare Foundation, are conducting a survey to collect information regarding the need for community-based long-term care services, including current and future caregiving needs. 
This survey is being funded by a grant from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and is a follow-up to a previous County-wide survey conducted in 2019. The results of this survey will help evaluate the impact of long-term care planning efforts undertaken in the County over the last three years and help target future planning efforts.
Your input is critical to informing these County-wide planning efforts.
This survey is only intended for County residents age 65 or older OR County residents, regardless of their age, that serve as a caregiver for someone age 65 or older. (If this does not apply to you, please do not continue with the survey, but feel free to let others in the targeted group know about it).
Thank you!