Board Member Applications for Nominating Committee

Term of commitment for the board representatives from each region will be 3 years. The board meets 4 times/year and throughout the year for special events, legislative activities and committees. If nominated and elected, additional emergency contact information and an emergency medical release form will be necessary.
This is a leadership position and People First of Ohio is looking for self-advocates with a passion for making a positive change in the community. Please see bylaws on the website for expectations.
People First of Ohio acts as a non-profit board, therefore no members of the board shall receive compensation for their service.

* 1. Applicant Information:

* 2. Are you a member of a People First Chapter?  If so, what chapter?

* 5. Please list any other boards or committees you are a member of, or have served on in the past:

* 6. How have you advocated for yourself?

* 7. How have you advocated for others?

* 8. Please provide 3 references that we may ´╗┐contact about your leadership abilities (Advisor, County Board Superintendent, Local Leader, etc.):

* 9. If elected, what committee would you prefer to serve on?

* 10. Briefly describe why you would like to be considered for a board membership: