Nomination Deadline: Monday, November 14, 2016

Institutions are invited to nominate one blended, or "hybrid," education course to receive this award. A blended (also called hybrid) course is defined as one where fifty percent or more of the instruction and activities take place online, and the remainder of the instruction and activities take place face-to-face. Only courses developed in-house at a post-secondary institution will be considered.

Please complete the following application and submit it online. This nomination is made by the institution’s president/CEO or senior administration representative. Nominees should not use more space than is allotted on the application. An excellent overall plan of instructional design and best practice in blended course design must be present throughout the course presentation, content, activities, evaluation, and course management.

The blended course must be designed with a high level of interactivity, multimedia, communication, and variety of instructional and course management strategies. These strategies must be replicable and assist an instructor to facilitate more effectively; continuously evaluate student performance and course quality; and provide an outstanding educational experience for the students. Information about the course will be gathered from the application and access to the course for verification and review will be used for the evaluation.

You can view the judging rubric for this award on ITC's Web site, CLICK HERE.  Thank you.

* Note that if you include any links in the following application form, you must write out the full URL, since Survey Monkey will not translate a phrase or word that has an underlying hyperlink.

* 1. Name of blended or "hybrid" course.

* 2. Nominator's contact information.

* 3. Please provide the contact information for the primary contact for the course, i.e. the faculty member or team leader who is responsible for creating, designing or administering the course and for making it excellent.

* 4. Please provide online access to the course which is being nominated so our panel of judges can explore it in its entirety (or as much as is possible within the bounds of maintaining student privacy) -- include the URL and any required log-in names, passwords, or other information. 

* 5. Why are you nominating this course to receive an award from ITC? Briefly describe the blended course and explain why it is unique and deserving of this award. Include a description of the overall instructional design and blended course design, and explain how the course promotes mastery learning of course learning objectives. (500 word maximum)

* 6. Explain how the online and in-person activities and instruction exemplify best practice in blended course design and delivery and enhance student learning; include a description of how the course provides maximum benefits of both online and face-to-face learning environments. (200 word maximum)

* 7. Describe examples of unique communication strategies and activities, both within the online environment and face-to-face environment, that promote interactivity among students and between student and teacher. (200 word maximum)

* 8. Describe examples of the exemplary use of multimedia and ADA compliance within the online portion of the course. (100 word maximum)

* 9. Explain methods of evaluating student performance - both online and in-person - and ensuring that learning objectives are met. (100 word maximum)

* 10. List opportunities for student feedback regarding course content and instruction and examples of formal course evaluation methods. (100 word maximum)