This questionnaire is aimed at gathering input from technology and business leads in the industry.

Responses to this questionnaire will be discussed at a session at the TAUS Annual Conference in Portland (October 24-25, 2016) with Jessica Roland (SDL), Mimi Hills (VMWare), David Snider (LinkedIn) and Melissa Biggs (Informatica). A report on the survey and the brainstorming in Portland will be distributed to all participants in the conference and the survey.

* 1. Where are your localization tools and data kept?

* 2. Are your translators working...

* 3. Are your reviewers working...

* 4. For your localization tools, is your financing model subscription based?

* 5. What type of L10N cycle are you on?

* 6. Do you feel your L10N team is working at the “speed of Cloud”

* 7. If no, what are the obstacles?

* 8. Are you planning to attend the TAUS Annual Conference and the "How Cloud Are You" session?

* 9. Please fill in your name, company and email address. We will keep you informed about the final agenda and the results of the TAUS Annual Conference.