The Nutrition Resource Centre is conducting a scan of food literacy programs offered by public health units, community health centres, family health teams and community-based organizations in Ontario. The goal is to identify and map food literacy programs offered to children, youth, parents, families or caregivers. This information will be used to identify gaps and priorities and key action areas for more collaborative work in supporting food literacy programming.

What is a food literacy program?
For the purpose of this environmental scan, a food literacy program is an intervention that provides education or activities, including skill-building around food and nutrition, that helps children, youth or adults understand where food comes from, what foods to eat to be healthy, and how to choose and prepare food (e.g. nutrition education, cooking or gardening, menu planning, grocery tours, label reading, programs to navigate the food environment, etc.).  

This survey is intended to be completed by individuals involved in planning, implementing or evaluating food literacy programs in their community. There is no obligation to participate. There will be no collection or sharing of personal data or information.  Information will be summarized in a report outlining the food literacy programs by organization with program details. The summary report will be shared with stakeholders interested in food literacy programming.  This online survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
Please feel free to share this survey with others in your community who are providing food literacy programming to children, youth, parents and families.

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* 1. What is the name of your organization?

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* 2. How would you describe your organization?

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* 3. Where is your organization located?

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* 4. Is your organization currently offering or planning food literacy programs for children, youth, parents, families or caregivers?

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