In 2019, the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable (GTBR) initiated a new Industry/Contractor Business Forum comprised of Industrial and Contractor members to discuss business related issues of concern, and move toward mutually acceptable resolution for a more productive, cost-effective working relationship. The working group that evolved from this new business forum indicated they wanted to support a new work initiative to determine the current operating practices or trends within industry and the supporting roles of the contractor workforces as they applied to manpower development and skills training. 

The goal of the Work Group is to solicit feedback through a survey of the GTBR Industrial and Contractor member companies regarding current practices surrounding the issue of manpower development and skills training.  From the information collected, consideration will be given to standardizing common, cost-effective approaches to implementation.  A report of findings, with recommendations will be compiled and presented to the ISET Plant Managers Forum in the 1Q2020. 
We would like to extend an invitation to the GTBR Industry and Contractor members to become engaged in the Work Group’s activities.  If you would like for your company to be engaged with the Work Group’s activities, please contact W. Dennis Isaacs, Executive Director, GTBR at (409) 727-3586, or

Nothing in this survey should be construed to request, and you should not provide, information regarding prices, salaries/benefits, production, rates, future unannounced business plans, market procedures, specific contractors, or any other competitively sensitive information.
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