Volunteer of the Year award

Microfinance programs in Australia couldn’t run if it wasn’t for our volunteers. Last year volunteers provided the equivalent working hours of approximately 133 full-time employees. This award recognises the volunteer who has shown exceptional dedication to the delivery of microfinance.

That dedication can be in the form of building great client relationships, or exceptional behind-the-scenes management that might slow down processes or increase work if they weren’t there.

Is there a volunteer in your program who does more than the role requires of them? Someone who is reliable, flexible and positive in the face of all the challenges your organisation experiences. 

The Judges will consider:
  • how the volunteer has inspired others in their team and program
  • how the volunteer connects and relates to their clients
  • other important aspects of the volunteer’s work (e.g. obstacles overcome, innovation, initiative, dedication, broader benefits of the work).

* 1. What is the volunteer's name?

* 2. What microfinance program do they volunteer for?

* 3. Please tell us in 500 words or less about why your volunteer deserves to win this award

* 4. Please provide your contact details so we can get in touch regarding the awards if we need to.

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