Good Learning Award

Innovation and best practice is enhanced by continual learning. This award is open to individuals or programs who have committed to using professional learning as a way to improve service delivery.

Are you able to show how learning has supported your program or one of your workers to improve service delivery and client outcomes? For example, has completing the ‘Pathways to Resilience’ module allowed your team to target the financial conversation to individual clients more effectively thereby enhancing the financial capability of the client. 
The Judges will consider: 
  • has the nominee been able to show a pattern of participation across a range of Good Learning and other learning initiatives?
  • has the nominee been able to tell a story of peer learning where they were able to assist another program to solve a problem or improve service delivery?
  • has the nominee been able to demonstrate how the learning has made a difference to the way they work?

* 1. Who is the person or program you are nominating?

* 2. Please tell us in 500 words or less about why your individual nominee or program deserves to win this award

* 3. Please provide your contact details so we can get in touch regarding the awards if we need to.

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