Survey Instructions

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions about PG Calc.  As an incentive to share your views, we will enter you into a raffle to win a free year of PGM Service, or anything else we sell with a value of $735, upon completion of the survey.

In order to serve you better, we're first going to ask about the following 7 products and services, then about our company in general. Don't worry - the survey will skip over questions about those things you don't use.  
  • Planned Giving Manager/PGM Anywhere: PG Calc's software for performing planned gift calculations and creating donor proposals
  • Designer Proposals: a PGM Anywhere module that lets you create personalized brochure-style donor proposals
  • Marketing Services: creation of planned giving direct mail and email, newsletters, and websites, plus our BatchCalcs service and GiftCalcs web calculator

  • GiftWrap: software for analyzing and reporting on all types of planned gifts, producing 1099-Rs, sending annuity payments, and complying with state regulations and accounting requirements

  • Bequest Manager: software for managing bequest intentions and realized bequests

  • Gift Administration Services: full service administration of CGAs, PIFs, and CRTs, donor payments and tax forms, death-index screening, compliance reporting, and endowment accounting

  • Planned Giving Consulting: consulting expertise for program launch, program and marketing evaluation, ongoing consulting, state registrations, risk assessment, annual filings, and qualified appraisals 

Question Title

* 1. How familiar are you with Planned Giving Manager, Gift Annuity Manager , or Mini Manager (collectively PGM desktop) or PGM Anywhere software?

4% of survey complete.