GRTC and PlanRVA are working together to plan for transit expansion in the greater Richmond region. With new regional funding from the Central Virginia Transportation Authority, and continued support from local governments in the region, GRTC could expand service by about 20% over the next few years.

GRTC and the region have previously studied many expansion ideas through the Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan and the GRTC Transit Development Plan. If we implemented ALL of the ideas in those plans it would cost far more than we can afford right now. So we need to know what people in the region prefer in the short-term (next several years) with available funding. This survey will show you two ways we could improve service and ask you how we should prioritize new funding. If you have previously participated in public engagement with GRTC or PlanRVA, many of these questions will be familiar to you. Thank you for your time!