Participant Consent

What is this project studying?
This research study will evaluate student perceptions of the diversity, equity, inclusion, and sense of belonging at the University Library. The results of this study will help us improve library services, spaces, and resources to better meet your needs and help employees understand your experiences at the library.
What would I do if I participate?
You will answer survey questions about your experiences at the University Library and provide demographic information about yourself. Beyond the survey, you may volunteer to participate in a one-on-one interview to elaborate on your perspective.

Can I quit if I become uncomfortable?
Yes, absolutely. Your participation is completely voluntary. You may skip any question you do not feel comfortable answering. You can also stop answering questions at any time without penalty. However, we do appreciate any help you are able to provide.
How long will participation take?
The survey will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.
Is there an incentive or compensation for participation?

How are you protecting privacy?
To protect confidentiality, no names or email addresses will be linked to survey responses. Your name and any identifying information you provide will not be displayed in reports, publications, or presentations of this research.
What will happen to my data?
We will remove personally identifying information from the data, and your data could be used for future research studies without additional informed consent from you or your legal representative.
What are the benefits and risks of participating in this research?
Some survey questions ask about experiences with discrimination, and emotional or physical harm. Some participants may find these questions to be uncomfortable or upsetting. There are no benefits associated with this research. However, we appreciate your time and effort with this research study.
I have some questions about this study. Who can I ask?
  • This study is being led by Esther Medina De León from the University Libraries at Texas Tech University. You can call her at (806) 834-5563 or email
  • Texas Tech University also has an Institutional Review Board that protects the rights of people who participate in research. You can contact them at (806) 742-2064 or