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You are invited to Have Your Say on the indicative management plans for four closely related marine parks, that collectively form the proposed South Coast Marine Park. These plans have been prepared in collaboration with Wagyl Kaip, Wudjari, Ngadju and Mirning Traditional Owners and are enabling joint management with Traditional Owners now and in the future.

The four proposed marine parks are:
  • Proposed Mamang Maambakoort Marine Park
  • Proposed Wudjari Marine Park
  • Proposed Western Bight Marine Park
  • Proposed Mirning Marine Park
If you haven't already done so, please go to dbca.wa.gov.au/pscmp to download a copy of each of the plans (scroll to the bottom of the page). It is important that you have read the plans before proceeding with the survey questions.

Let us know what you think of the proposed management arrangements, including the zoning scheme for the four proposed marine parks. The public submission period closes on 16 June 2024.

To complete your submission, it is required that you provide some personal details (name, postcode, phone number and email address) at the start of the survey. Your personal details will remain confidential, be securely stored and not be used for any other purpose. 
Public submissions will be made available along with the final management plan. 

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