Colfax Elemetary School District Parent Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out Colfax Elemetnary's parent survey.  Please complete one survey for each child. Your partipation is important.  The results will be used to continually improve our programs, communication and services to our students, families and community.   

* 1. My child is in

* 2. The school responds within 24 hours when I have a question or concern.

* 3. I access my child's academic progress through the parent portal (grades 4-8)

* 4. I review my child's planner/assignment calendar/homework log at least once a week.

* 5. I know and understand the academic expectations of my child.

* 6. I am aware of my child's academic progress.

* 7. I am satisfied with the academic progress my child is making in school.

* 8. My child is offered academic support when he/she is struggling.

* 9. My child and I know and understand the school rules.

* 10. My child has a postive attitude toward school.

* 11. At school, students treat each other fairly and with respect.

* 12. My child is treated fairly and with respect by adults at school.

* 13. I am receiving adequate information about school and classroom events.

* 14. The school is clean, well maintained and facilities are safe.

* 15. Our school seeks parent input and encourages parental participation.

* 16. My child's teacher(s) is preparing my child to be career and college ready.

* 17. Our school focuses on improving student attendance.

* 18. My child feels connected to his/her school.

* 19. Our school supports students learning English, living in foster homes, are challenged by learning disabilities and/or who are living in poverty.

* 20. My child feels safe at his/her school.

* 21. My child's school provides enough access to a broad course of study including basic (English, math, social studies,science, PE) and enrichment offerings (sports, music,band,choir, technology,library).

* 22. Colfax Elementary School encourages parents to attend our Bulldog Blasts and other assemblies.  I'd prefer  these events be

* 23. Thank you for completing this survey. Please provide ideas for during and after school enrichment that we can offer our students. If you have a K-2 student please specificy age appropriate ideas for these students.

* 24. Please write any additional input here that will help us to continuously improve our school.