This survey is an outreach of the Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief (GOPAR) initiative in partnership with the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Council. GOPAR's mission is to provide easy-access assistance in times of crisis to individuals in the Greater Orlando area who typically derive income from the professional performing arts, the corporate/convention entertainment production industry, and/or theme park entertainment sectors. 

 Arts and Entertainment professionals in onstage, technical, design, production and management roles/positions (or a combination thereof) are invited to complete this first-ever survey for the region. For simplicity, throughout the survey the term “arts industry,”  “arts wages,’ and “arts income" refers to any professional work across any/all of these disciplines.

We have commissioned this survey in collaboration with the Orlando Economic Partnership to more fully understand the impact of the pandemic on the region's arts community, as well as gather insights that will shape GOPAR’s relief planning for the future. Your responses to this survey will be anonymous. Answers will be aggregated and analyzed while maintaining your confidentiality. It should take you no more than seven minutes to complete. Thank you!