Nomination Deadline: Monday, November 14, 2016

Each institution is invited to nominate one administrator or instructor to receive this important award from the Instructional Technology Council.

The individual must have been be employed for a significant portion of his or her career by a community college and advocated for and advanced distance education within the community college arena. It is important to provide examples of how the nominee has been involved with distance education, not only internally within an institution but also externally, through activities including involvement on boards of directors, committees, and/or community advocacy groups working to advance distance education.

Examples of this work include: involvement with state and federal distance education legislation; promoting distance education in higher education; promoting distance education in the K-12 system; advocating for appropriate technology and infrastructure to advance distance education; securing funds for distance education; developing new distance education programs in higher education; creating or enhancing partnerships outside the organization; speaking at events to promote distance education and best practices; and promoting continuous quality improvement in distance education programs to include academic programming and student services, etc.

Please include any links or online access to the programs, courses, articles or other relevant materials the nominated individual has created so our panel of judges can explore them in their entirety -- include the URLs and any required log-in names, passwords, or other information.

You can view the judging rubric for this award on ITC's Web site, CLICK HERE Thank you.

* Note that if you include any links in the following application form, you must write out the full URL, since Survey Monkey will not translate a phrase or word that has an underlying hyperlink.

* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. Please provide the contact information of the nominated individual.

* 3. Why does this individual deserve to receive an award from ITC? Briefly describe the individual’s contributions to distance education in the community college arena and explain why he or she uniquely deserves this award. Provide a description of the nominee’s efforts to advance distance education, including his or her work (and years of service) with academic and student service programming. (500 word maximum)

* 4. Explain the nominee's leadership and his or her work to improve the quality of distance education, including efforts to improve academic programming and students services. (300 word maximum)

* 5. Describe any grants or special projects the nominee was able to obtain and how the projects have promoted and/or advanced distance education. Provide a clear explanation of the grants received, including the name and funding source, and any partnerships that resulted. (300 word maximum)

* 6. Describe examples of institutional or system-level changes that have occurred as a result of the nominee’s leadership and advocacy. Provide clear examples using quantifiable data if possible. (200 word maximum)

* 7. Describe examples of the nominee’s involvement with distance education outside of his or her institution. Include commitment and active involvement on boards of directors, committees, advocacy groups, or other types of initiatives to advance distance education. Provide evidence of work such as presentations, testimonials, awards received, etc. (200 word maximum)

* 8. Describe examples of the nominee’s work at the state and/or federal level. Include any board leadership and involvement; commission work, such as through the American Association of Community Colleges; legislation promotion; and other efforts to promote the ease and accessibility to broadband and varied technology. (200 word maximum)

* 9. Describe the nominee's involvement in supporting the mission, goals and activities of the Instructional Technology Council. (200 word maximum)