Please help us better understand what it means to be a supply chain leader by participating in this survey. This research will be used to guide future APICS content, and responses will remain anonymous and confidential.

This survey distinguishes between the terms "supply chain manager" and "supply chain leader".
The survey defines "supply chain manager" as
* a supply chain professional with managerial position or job title
* who administers and/or manages assigned supply chain duties, resources, and staff on behalf of an organization

This survey defines "supply chain leader" as
* a supply chain professional
* who has followers
* has a generally recognized scope of leadership capability or responsibility, whether large or small
* is a primary source of guidance, direction, and/or inspiration in pursuit of important, enduring supply chain related objectives.

A formal supply chain leader is a supply chain professional whose job title either formally includes wording related to, or directly implies, a leadership role. Note that some organizations include the title of leader in all management positions, no matter the level.

An informal supply chain leader is a supply chain professional whose position does not include wording that formally includes, or directly implies, leadership; but nonetheless acts as a supply chain leader.

A supply chain professional may be
* both a leader and a manager
* either a leader or a manager
* or neither.

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