Compliance training affects just about every organization around the world. It can involve anything from a review of the employee manual to training on critical life-or-death matters.

Despite its importance, compliance training remains a static, traditional, check-the-box exercise. Compliance training must take on modern design principles to maximize learner engagement and retention to include multimodal, highly interactive learning that leverages proven neuroscience methodologies and practices. 

This survey is designed to uncover and solve the challenges that keep organizations from delivering engaging, impactful compliance training. Topics include:
  •   Creating managing and reporting compliance training
  •   Software to conduct and track compliance training (e.g., LMS)
  •   Learner engagement in compliance training
The survey should take 6-8 minutes to complete. In appreciation for your time, Brandon Hall Group will provide a copy of the survey results when they become available. In addition, respondents who provide their email address will also receive a copy of the Brandon Hall Group research report, Compliance Training 2023 Research Data Highlights.

Your responses will remain confidential and your name is not given to external parties nor associated with responses. Survey findings are only reported in aggregate. If you agree, you may be contacted by an analyst to request a confidential, qualitative research interview.

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