Coaching Employment Fund

This fund is aimed at those PSO’s that have a strong player base, good infrastructure and the potential to have strong performances at a National level, including Canada Games.

There is one (1) annual Coach Employment grant of $10,000, with a three year commitment.  The PSO would have to match this to create a 50% position.  Preference would be for a full-time position.

Successful applicants must demonstrate the following:
•     Matching funds
•     Minimum commitment to a 50% position
•     A detailed job description
•     A commitment to a three year high performance pathway
•     Show how the position will enhance the delivery of the high performance sport, e.g., increase frequency and quality of training, increase planning and development, increase learning opportunities for the coach.
•     Show how the position will impact their overall high performance pathway, e.g., the development and delivery of junior high performance programs leading into the high performance program.
•     Show how the position will impact the delivery of the PSO’s high performance Coaching Education program, e.g., mentoring other coaches, delivery of NCCP courses and educational seminars.

Preference would be given to those sports that:
•     create full time positions rather than part time
•     can demonstrate the sustainability of the position after the three years of assistance
•     have established high performance programs
•     have shown past commitment to the delivery of high performance sport
•     have the potential to medal at the national level
PSO’s would be required to apply every three years and provide an annual report to the 2009 Canada Games Legacy and Dreams Fund – Coaching Committee.

There is one grant available for 2020.