Pronia in partnership with Greek & Gay Support Network
Starting the Conversation LGBTI Project.

Pronia, lead Greek Community Service with 45 years experience in partnership Greek & Gay Support Network, established 22 years ago, received Victoria Government funding in 2017 to implement a 1 year LGBTI Project for Greeks.
This project aims to start the conversation about diversity in Greek families, provide information and resources in the Greek language, conduct consultations about gaps in services, facilitate workshops, build referral pathways, produce a resource directory and build links with the LGBTI sector and services.
If you are from a Greek speaking and cultural background, please take a few minutes to compete this survey which has been designed to collect information to assit the project achieve its aim.
(All information collected through this survey will remain de-identified and confidential. 

* 1. What gender do you currently identify with?

* 2. Do you identify as?

* 3. What is the best part of being Greek and LGBTI?

* 4. What is the hardest thing about being LGBTI and Greek?

* 5. What are some of the most important things that Pronia can implement to help the Greek Community better understand LGBTI issues and individuals?

* 6. Do you currently use any LGBTI specific services?

* 7. Are you open about your sexuality to your family?

* 8. If not, what would make it easier, safer or more comfortable to disclose your sexuality to your family?

* 9. Have you ever experienced discrimination, abuse, harassment or been refused service because you're LGBTI?

* 10. Pronia will be running focus groups, consultations and information sessions about the needs or service gaps for Greek LGBTI individuals and their families.  Are you interested in participating?