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Welcome to the second Garfield Heights Master Plan Community Survey!

What is a Master Plan?
The Garfield Heights Master Plan is being conducted by the City of Garfield Heights in collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission.

A Master Plan outlines a community's vision for the future and then describes specific action steps community leaders can undertake to accomplish that vision. It covers topics such as transportation, housing, economic development, parks and recreation, and business district development.

Why do we need your involvement?
This is your community's plan. We need your help and input to ensure the plan reflects what you want to see in Garfield Heights. The plan will prepare the City, residents, and businesses for the future, and shape future development to match the community's needs and priorities.

What's next?
This is the second community feedback opportunity for the Garfield Heights Master Plan, and we are asking for your help during this process. This survey outlines specific topics, goals, and strategies that will help achieve the community’s desired future. Your input will provide guidance and help finalize the various Communitywide and Focus Area recommendations discussed within this survey and ensure that the plan reflects what you want to see in Garfield Heights.

This survey consists of 17 Questions and should take about 15 minutes to complete. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to your involvement, so please join us and help shape the future of Garfield Heights.
For more information about the Master Plan, to view draft documents, or to follow updates about additional phases of the planning process, including future community engagement opportunities, please visit:

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* 1. What is your relationship to Garfield Heights? Please select all that apply:

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* 2. If you are a resident of Garfield Heights, what is the closest roadway intersection to your residence?

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* 3. How long have you lived in Garfield Heights?

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* 4. What is your age?

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