The Town of Bentley is working to prepare a new Strategic Plan. This plan will contain a variety of actions aimed at achieving the vision set out in the Town of Bentley Municipal Development Plan, which is;

"As we look to the future we see the Town of Bentley as a community that offers residents a high quality of life that grows in a sustainable manner, that is safe, clean, attractive, friendly and family-oriented. The community benefits from its strategic location building on its strengths of being proactive in planning for economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner. Bentley celebrates community spirit where citizens are actively involved in shaping and guiding the future of the Community."

The Draft Strategic Plan has been divided into five sections, based on the five strategic goals developed by the Strategic Planning Committee. Each section contains a variety of action items aimed at achieving the goals. 

We are seeking input from the community to prioritize the draft action items, and provide feedback. In each section you will be presented with the draft action items and asked to select your top priorities. There will also be a section available for you to provide your own ideas and feedback. 

11% of survey complete.