Application for Global Healthcare Accreditation - Page 1

Instructions & Important Notes:  
  • Please complete each question as it relates to the management of medical travel, medical tourist and/or international patients and the overall experience at your facility. Please complete as accurately and as timely as possible.  Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Mary Miller Sallah at

  • Upon review of your application, a formal recommendation will be made as to move forward with a GHA Survey or schedule a 1-2 day Internal Training Program prior to a GHA Survey.
  • GHA applies to organizational programs often labeled as Global Patient Services, International Patient Services, Medical Tourism, Dental Tourism, Medical Destinations Program or Medical Travel Services.

* 1. Please enter the information for the individual responsible for the organization's Accreditation Process:

* 2. Please enter the following information:

* 3. Please provide your organization's definition and scope of the global/international or medical travel services for which you are seeking accreditation.

* 4. Are your organization's policies and procedures stored electronically for employees to access?

* 5. Please list the top three languages spoken among your staff.

* 6. Please list the top three languages spoken by the majority of your patients cared for in the services described above in Question 3.

* 7. Overall Organizational & Operational Structure

* 8. Overall Operational Structure for the Medical Travel Program

* 9. Please list the names of the following Executive Management positions for your organization.

* 10. What Clinical Services Support the Medical Travel Program?

* 11. Please indicate which clinical services are prioritized within the business strategy of your Medical Travel Program?

* 12. Please indicate which business lines apply to your Medical Travel Program.

* 13. Questions for Facilities with Inpatient Services offered.

* 14. Questions for Facilities with Outpatient Services offered.

* 15. Are any services offered to medical travel patients outsourced or contracted via third parties?